BBQ Smokers

MJH Competition Cooker


The MJH!


The MJH (Our most popular cooker)

The fire box is now 12.5" tall and we have installed a hanging basket system in place of the sliding shelf.  The ash pan is now part of the basket and travels in and out with the basket (this is done to avoid dropping hot ash).  The new hanging basket is 6" deep and gives you tons of room for fuel. 

 We also have our NEW "L" dividers we sell with the MJH.   You get two "L" dividers that are 5" tall and L-shaped, these can be used to build what ever style burn maze you would like. Fuse maze or Horse shore maze, giving you flexibility to change when needed.

The Little MJH

The Little MJH offers the same great cooking system at half the size.  This cooker is very portable and still allows lots of area for cooking.




The MJH Bomber is easy to use and very moble. Considering this smokers cook space, size and weight it is unmatched and is a perfect addition to your competition collection.

The MJH Bomber is a vertical style smoker but unlike the Bomber and Little Bomber.  The MJH fire box is below the cook chamber.  This smoker has been fabricated to work excellently in any weather conditions.

Exterior Dimensions
-Depth 26" (28.5" with thermometer)
-Width 24.5"
-Height 48" (53" with casters) MJH
24" (29" with casters) Little MJH

5 Internal shelf Dimensions
-Depth 20"
-Width 20"
-Height spacing 5"

Included Accessories
-5 shelf's
-2 shelf's (Little MJH)
-Black powder coat paint

-BBQ Guru's
-Extra Shelfs
-Mounted flip up work table
-Water pan & Water pan shelf
-Custom colors available
-Tie down hooks
-Mount lifting handle

The MJH $1699.99--------The Little MJH 1399.99