Monday-Friday: 10-6

Saturday:           10-5

Sunday:              11-3

3795 Pinto Drive Medina, MN 55340

1-888-453-4233 or 763-479-2739

About Us

Backyard Bombers BBQ started in 2011 after then owner Josh Hofstedt, an avid BBQ guy, decided to build his first smoker at his fabrication shop in Cannon Falls, MN.  Backyard Bombers BBQ started out as just a mear means to an end-homemade BBQ in southern Minnesota. Eating BBQ is only half the experience and in order to actually get the full experience, we needed a smoker. However, it wouldn't be our style to simply buy what we can create on our own.

The first Bomber was fabricated out of an old water pressure tank and could be considered more of a bomb than "the bomb." It was navy blue and performed far under par-the first rack of ribs came out looking like the lump charcoal we now use to fuel our fire. This presented an opportunity for research and development.  Over the years, Josh improved the designs based on feedback from his customers many of whom are competition level smoke experts.

In April of 2016, Josh decided to sell the business.  Randy and Michele Mader thought Backyard Bombers BBQ was a great fit with their other business, Beer Meister, a 45+ year old beer dispenser company based in Medina, MN.  Meats and brew, what could be better???  

As the new owners, we promise to build on Josh's great designs. Since these smokers have helped his customers win competitions, we aren't going to change them without your input!